HOW TO: Make a "dunk bag" mess kit

Instructions for DUNK BAGS:

A dunk bag (which is somewhat a misleading name but traditional...we're talking about a mess-kit) is a mesh bag (such as a lingerie bag with a zipper or draw-string closure) large enough for a dinner plate and a few other dishes to slip inside and close.

Besides the bag, you'll need: a HARD MELAMINE or other tough plastic dinner plate; a plastic bowl; a plastic mug suitable for hot or cold liquids; a typical metal fork, knife and spoon (ones with wide, blunted handles are best...pointy ends slip through the holes in the mesh and hang out crazily). (I like to include an extra mug, fork and spoon).

Even though it takes up more space, it's actually better if none of the items "nest" (slip inside each other).

Write each person's name on each dish and each mesh bag. If the bag closes with a zipper (and not a drawstring), loop a bit of lightweight cord or shoestring through a corner of the bag to give it a way to tie on to a clothesline. Clean dishes are hung inside the dunk bag to dry.

Hints:--When packing, storing, traveling or just getting it out of the way, place the entire DRY dunk bag inside a plastic shopping bag or two to keep it clean.

--Use a Sharpie marker or nail polish to mark hard plastics.

--Ugly dishes are fine, and even more fun!